Tonsil Stone Remedies – Things You Should Know

Before discussing the tonsil stone remedies, we need to know about the condition first. Tonsil stone are small, round shaped yellowish or white solid calcified tissues, which can be seen in the crypts of the tonsil. Usually they occur when a person suffers from recurrent episodes of tonsillitis. Patient complains of pain in the throat, malaise of fever, difficulty in swallowing and in some cases foul smelling breath. They may also complain coughing out of small whitish particles. It is seen that many patients do not disclose this problem to their friends or family members, not even to their doctors. Many times it is diagnosed accidentally when the ENT surgeon prescribes X-ray, CT scan or MRI scan of the throat region due to another complain.

Most effective tonsil stone remedies

Recurrent tonsillitis can be prevented with proper antibiotics, avoiding exposure to cold, refraining from smoking etc. Antibiotics will kill the bacteria that are abundant in the tonsillar tissue and the chance of passing of an acute attack of tonsillitis into a recurrent stage will be minimized. Cold environment increases bacterial growth in presence of humidity. It also acts as an irritant to the tonsillar tissue. The thing is same in case of smoking also.

Proper brushing with good quality toothpaste along with dental flossing will kill the opportunistic bacteria that are normally present in the tonsil. This may also dislodge tiny tonsil stone from the tonsillar crypts and thus preventing it to become a bigger one.

Regular gurgling three times a day with warm saline water will help in minimizing the growth of bacteria. It also has a soothing effect in the throat in case of acute tonsillitis. If you prefer, gurgling with a sugar and alcohol-free mouthwash is a better option.

Gurgling with a mixture of water and equal volume of powdered pepper and turmeric is another home remedy. This will loosen up the tonsillar crypts and help you in dislodging tiny tonsil stone.

Once the tonsil stone is formed, no nasal drop, nasal spray and cough syrup will work. Pain killers can give you temporary relief from the symptoms. As you discontinue the medication, the symptom will recur soon.

Only definitive treatment available in allopathic system of medicine is local excision of the affected tonsil and removal of the stone. If the tonsillar tissue is badly affected, removal of the tonsil is carried out.

Recently, a 3-step Chinese herbal therapy for tonsil stone is getting much popularity owing to its success for complete cure. This system addresses the root cause of the disease and the cure is permanent.

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