How To Get rid of the Pubic Hair?

The practice Pubic Hair Removal dates to ancient Egyptians, and earlier, because the idea of beauty during these times was smooth, hair-free bodies, and the only acceptable hair was understood to be on top of the head. Typically they used creams, or even some forms of waxing, and even sugaring, and there has been evidence found of a razor-type flint that was sharpened and may have been the first form of razor.  Ancient Greeks and Romans picked up this practice and pubic hair was removed by tweezers when they first appeared.

Process of Removing Pubic Hair

There are a variety of hair remover products that are available for getting rid of the pubic hairs.  There are some depilatories that are great for removing pubic hair, as well as razors, sugaring, waxes, and even a specialized Pubic Hair Shavers.  These specialized shavers are the easiest.

Using a razor is probably the least expensive method of removing hair around the pubic area, and it’s recommended to use a higher quality shaving cream and a really good razor, along with some type of soothing gel, such as Aloe Vera, to avoid irritation and sensitivity.

A bikini laser hair removal treatment is another removal method.  Similar to Brazilian waxes, it can last for up to four to six weeks and provides a smooth silky area, but with both methods there can be some pain involved and generally it has to be done at a spa or salon.

Depilatories are also an option of removing this kind of hair but care must be taken with these as well because allergic reactions can be quite bad when used on the entire pubic area.  It’s best to try the cream on a small area on the skin before ever using it over the entire area.

There are also other home remedies for getting rid of the ingrown pubic hair, read this article for more details.

Top Products

Body Bare Bikini Shaver Set

For under $35, the Body Bare provides a close shave for Pubic Hair Removal that’s irritation free and ensures there are no ingrown hairs, razor bumps, or stubble. It’s safe and won’t nick or cut.

Nair Hair Remover Bikini Crème

One of the best depilatory creams is the Nair Hair Remover for around $25.  It includes four two-ounce bottles of cream and works in under three minutes; plus it moisturizes the skin.

Surgi-Wax Brazilian Waxing Kit

This Surgi-Wax kit sells for under $21 and includes the pre-epilation oil, spatulas, three four-ounce jars of wax, and detailed instructions.  It’s easily prepared in the microwave before applying to the bikini area.

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