Drug Detection: How long does it stay in your system

There is always such a question as how long does marijuana stay in your system and how do you pass these drug test. Here you can find a chart for this case and you can also get an easy to follow guide.

Marijuana Detection Time Based on Usage
Usage at 1 time only 5-13 days
Usage at 2-4 times per month 13-18 days
Usage at 2-4 times per week 23-35 days
Usage at 5-6 times per week 33-48 days
Daily Usage 49-90 days
Other Drugs
Amphetamines 2-4 Days
Barbituates Short-Acting (Secobarbital) 1 Day
Long-Acting (Phenobarbital) 2-3 Weeks
Benzodiazepines 3-7 Days
Cannabinoids 3-30 Days
Clenbuterol (Performance Enhancer) 2-4 Days*
Cocaine 2-4 Days
Codeine 2-5 Days
Euphorics (MDMA, Psilocybin) 1-3 Days**
LSD 1-4 Days***
Methadone 3-5 Days
Methaqualone 14 Days
Nicotine Unknown
Opiates 2-4 Days
Peptide Hormones Undetectable
Phencyclidine (PCP) 2-4 Days
Phenobarbital 10-20 Days
Propoxyphene 6 Hours to Two Days
Steroids (Anabolic) Oral: 14 Days
Parenterally: 1 Month

Putting It All Together

So here is your step by step easy to follow guide on how to pass a urine drug test:

1) Exercise as much as possible so you burn as much fat and therefore as much THC metabolites as possible. Stop exercising completely two days before the test. When you burn fat the THC metabolites as passed through your urine. Exercising on the day of the test will increase the concentration of THC metabolites in your urine and increase your chance of failure.

2) Take creatine ($15 at amazon.com) starting three days before the test. Taking creatine will increase the levels of creatinine in your urine, something labs test for to see if you’ve diluted your urine. Take twice the recommended dosage. There is no upper bound on creatinine levels, only a lower bound. You cannot be flagged for having too much creatinine. The only danger from creatine is dehydration so just stay hydrated.

3) Drink as much gatorade as you possibly can on the day of the test to dilute your urine. You should urinate about every 20 minutes if you are drinking enough. Do not drink water, it needs to be gatorade. Labs test the specific gravity of your urine. If all you drink is water the specific gravity will be that of water and you will be flagged for diluting it. Gatorade has sugar and electrolytes that keep your specific gravity normal.

4) Take multiple multivitamins at regular intervals during the day of the test. This is what’s going to give your urine a normal yellow color. If it is too clear it will be flagged. Multivitamins take awhile to enter your urine. You will have to experiment to see how long it takes for you.

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